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Letofin AS



Letofin AS is a family company based in 1994 with head office located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company is active in several business segments, such as commodity trading, production and real estate.


◦ In 2023 - Under the SUNFLY license, commence construction of the first-of-its-kind production of sunflower seed butter and sunflower seed protein, set to launch in 2023. Get launch updates or request more information now


◦ In 2020 - began research into plant-based dairy alternatives and leveraged our expertise to launch SUNFLY, a spin-off company focused on creating high-protein and top allergen-free products made from Sunflower seeds.

◦ In 2016 - launched a facility to produce premium quality wild and garden bird feed products with capacity of 20 000tn per year.


◦ In 2014 - made a JV with Ukrainian agricultural company – Seedco Group, targeting to become a reliable producer of wild and garden bird feed products.


◦ In 2013 - entered niche market in agri products and started sales of feed products for wild and garden birds.


◦ In 2011 - expanded its activity in animal feed sector supplying wide range of animal feed products from CIS countries directly to compound feed producers in EU.


◦ In 2006 - started trading with rapeseed oil to Biodiesel industry in Baltic States.


◦ In 1994  - Letofin AS started its trading with diesel and petroleum products in the local Baltic market and CIS countries.



Today Letofin AS is an international trading and production company with annual sales volumes over 150 000 tn. Our team in the whole group is more than 80 people. Letofin AS constantly develops by investing in hard assets, logistics and processing supported by a strong physical trading platform.


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