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Letofin AS is an Estonian company based on a private capital. It was based in 1994. The company is active in several business segments. Letofin AS from the beginning started its activity with diesel, and petroleum products trading in the local market and CIS countries.


In 2006 Letofin AS started trading with rapeseed oil to Biodiesel industry, within a couple of years becoming a major supplier in the Baltic States. In 2011 company expanded its activity in animal feed sector. Currently Letofin AS supplies wide range of animal feed products from CIS countries directly to farmers in EU.


In 2013 company harvest and distribute seasonally and all year round own crop for birds and pet food industry. In 2015 we launched our own brand for birds and pets feed industry in Baltic states.

Letofin AS today is an international trading company with the headquarter locating in Tallinn, Estonia, and office in Kiev, Ukraine. Letofin AS concentrates its effort to secure quality management of the product offered to our customers. For this purpose, we are certified as GMP+B3 and joined GAFTA community.


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